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    The Amplify Artists Series is my attempt to contribute positively toward a balanced and accurate representation in the ARTs.

Here is one instance of disproportionate representation in the ARTs to serve as tangible example for of us whose priveledge protects us from experiencing it first hand:
 Search "Famous Artists" on Google. 
The last time I did the 1st list that came up was a list of 47.

Of that list of 47-
5 are Women
8 are People of Color
1 is a Black man
0 are Black Women
36 are White Men
 Here is a Link to that search if you'd like to see for your
Search "Famous Artists" On Google

     Now I know this is not my story to tell. I try to make a conscious daily decision to check myself and educate myself to become a better ally. It is important to me that EVERYONE not only feels included but that they feel that they belong whenever they interact with Stroke 'til It's ART.  Their differences not only acknowledged but celebrated. And their voices not only heard but amplified.

      It is my intention stand back to allow the people who's story it is to reclaim their time while I listen, amplify, and support. I have been featuring an talented artist from History that is a part of a community that has been historically underrepresented in the ARTs.  My goal eventuallyis to be featuring artists that are alive and creating now (with their blessing and participation of course).


     This expands beyond on painting artists into anyone involved in the ARTs visual, performing etc. The feature is on my Instagram account There is a post on my feed about the Artist and the following day I will post additional facts on my story or I offer my story up for takeover by the artist  as a platform to use in whatever way they decide. All Posts can be seen in the Amplify Archive Gallery here on the website. Click the button below.


      Finally, like I mentioned above I am working hard to educate myself.  But I am now and will always be a work in progress... so if there is ever anything that doesn't sit right with you. Or If for any reason you are feeling like you don't feel a sense of belonging from the Stroke 'Til It's ART community,  please don't hesitate to visit the Contact Me section at the bottom of this and every page on the website and contact me to call me out so I may fix the problem.   

Are you an artist or know an artist
that would be a good fit to be featured?

Fill out the form below

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